Quality assurance policy

  • Forb guarantees that its quality assurance policy if founded on customer satisfaction and full compensation standards.
  • Forb provides only products which have succeeded in strict product safety tests from domestic and international organizations.
  • In case of product defect, the product can be repaired or replaced unconditionally up to one year from the date of purchase.

Repairing will be declined or charged in case of:

  • Misuse of the product (please refer to the product manual)
  • Damage from careless use by the customer
  • Change of the product condition due to inappropriate cleaning methods
  • Signs of decaying or ageing expandable and stretching parts
  • Expiration of warranty duration
  • Warranty doesn’t apply to second hand products

Unconditional exchange system of Car Seats

Qualifying conditions
Customer who bought the Forb Car Seat in an official store (online/offline)
Customer who applied to the free subscription service for guarantee after the purchase
Damage exceeding 3000$ of repair cost on customer’s car
Child was seating in the car seat when the accident happened
Benefit duration
Guarantee up to 5 years from the date of purchase
Application duration
Up to 60 days from the date of the accident
Application documents
Quote of the repair costs from the insurance company, picture of the damaged car, application form for the Unconditional Forb Car Seat Exchange
Application method
After calling and consulting the Forb Customer Service (080-579-7000), please send the documents through mail or email.